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Wisdom Yoga, an internationally certified Yoga school (RYS), offers the opportunity to sync your mind and body with music by providing Nada Yoga Teacher Training course in Rishikesh, India. Situated in the peaceful and calm environment of Rishikesh, also known as the Tapobhumi (Land of Meditation), Wisdom Yoga is the place for you if you seek to learn this ancient Indian meditation technique.

What is NADA YOGA?

There are few types of yoga which involves only meditation and healing. Nada Yoga is one such type. ‘Nada’ means sound and ‘Yoga’ means union i.e. union through sound. That’s why it is often termed as Sound Meditation. Wisdom Yoga provides Nada Yoga Teacher Training (NYTTC) in which Nada Yoga is taught by using Sacred Sound produced by mantra chanting and musical instruments. In Nada Yoga, it is believed that one can connect his/her mind to cosmic consciousness through sound.
In India, music has had been used by many saints to achieve Nirvana, which can be a prime example of Nada Yoga.

Why to choose Wisdom Yoga for Nada Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh?

  • Wisdom Yoga is an internationally certified yoga school (RYS) which awards certificate after the completion of the Nada Yoga TTC which is approved by Yoga Alliance USA.
  • The Yoga Alliance USA approved certificate will improve your jobs prospects vastly as a Certified Yoga teacher.
  • Since Nada Yoga Teacher Training Course is an advanced level of yoga course, not all Yoga Teachers are enough qualified to teach this. Wisdom Yoga has a group of professional Yoga Teachers with over 20 years of experience. Under their guidance, one can master this ancient Yoga technique with ease.
  • Our yoga expert Swami Tilak Rishi Ji is a Nada Yoga professional teacher.
  • To connect your inner self with the cosmic consciousness through sound, a calm and peaceful environment is a must and what better place to attain this than Rishikesh where centuries ago sages invented Yoga.
Criteria for Nada Yoga Teacher Training Course at Wisdom Yoga, Rishikesh, India: This Nada Yoga TTC is suitable for beginners as well as practitioners of all level and Yoga teachers.

Restrictions during the Nada Yoga TTC: Non-vegetarian food, drugs, alcohol and any other intoxicating substances are prohibited during the course. This is so as to maintain a positive atmosphere and consistent progress.

What you will learn during the Nada Yoga TTC?

  • What is Nada Yoga
  • Its division in Anahata and Ahata
  • Types of Nada Yoga – Vaikhari (audible sound), Madhyama (Mental sound), Pashyanta (subconscious sound) and Parananda (Transcendent sound).
  • Integrating Yoga practice with Nada Yoga
  • Sound Theory
  • Music therapy
  • Mantra Chanting, bhajan and kirtan
  • Learning Indian Classical music
  • How to synchronize your body vibrations with that of musical instruments
  • Learn the effects of Nada Yoga in daily life
  • How Nada (sound) in the form of energy can connect you to your inner self.
  • Aligning your mind, body, and spirit through Nada (sound)
Benefits of Nada Yoga TTC
  • Since Nada Yoga is a crucial part of Hata Yoga, your Yoga practicing will be somewhat incomplete if you skip it.
  • Nada Yoga is just not another Yoga form; it is equally a philosophical system and a medicine.
  • In Nada Yoga TTC, you will learn that by integrating your daily yoga practice with Nada Yoga, you’re developing an intimate bond with yourself and the universe.
  • It will make you channel your energy more efficiently.
  • As a teacher, it’ll make you calmer and fill you with positive energy and patience, which are the keys to be a good Yoga Guru.
So join our Nada Yoga Teacher training course (NYTTC) at the Wisdom School of Yoga under the guidance of Yogacharya Swami Tilak Rishi and transform into the best Yoga teacher the world will see.

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